Anthony Lombardo

Morganville, NJ

All Inclusive and Family Vacation Travel Planner

Hi, my name is Anthony Lombardo. I am of Italian descent born in Switzerland. I came to the USA when I was 4 years old. I grew up in the great borough of Brooklyn NY and now live in New Jersey. Throughout my life I have always been interest in history. I often find myself imaging living in the Roman period, in Europe during the renaissance, even during the American Revolution period. I can go on but those are my top if I had to pick.


I think, well I know the reason that one of the reasons I became home based travel agent was because I could finally go to these different parts of the world as well as helping my family and friends do the same.  The other reason and probably why this was such an easy fit for me was because I was and still am the person who gets everything together for a vacation. That means researching the destination, the resort, collecting the money, all the stuff that a travel agent does. 


I’ve been part of the travel industry for about 16 years. I remember when I was younger, I would go into the brick and mortar travel agencies in my neighborhood and look at the brochures and say wow! I’d see pictures of the Great Wall of China, the Roman Colosseum, Big Ben in London, the temples of Egypt and Mexico and many more. I never envisioned myself as owing a brick and mortar travel agency, so I never did, until…… the internet came along.   


With the internet now being part of the fabric of everyday life these days there was a way for me to be part of the travel industry without having a physical location. Now, I can actually be part of my family and friends vacations to the many places I would think about being in. On a personal note I’ve been to Italy specifically Sicily well over 10 times. I’ve been to the Roman Colosseum, the Vatican and Mt Etna. I’ve also been to the beautiful beaches of Cancun Mexico, where the Spanish Conquistadors came ashore in the 1500’s. I’ve also been to Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Hawaii just to name a few.


It’s very easy as a travel agent to get involved in every type of vacation. Yes, I can book cruises, hotels, air travel, destination weddings etc.. and I have. There are so many niches but I primarily concentrate on all-inclusive resorts with destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas. Why did I pick all-inclusive? Simple, when I would go on vacation in my younger days, I would always go to an all-inclusive. For me, it’s the best value you can get. These days the all-inclusive packages are so much better when I was going to them. The resorts are beautiful, restaurants, food and the activities are an abundance. If you go with your family and have young kids it’s a no brainer. 


In closing, don't let the home-based travel agent fool you or that I primarily concentrate on all-inclusive destinations. I have booked large groups as well as traditional family vacations. Whether it be a cruise, all-inclusive or just a resort that has a European Plan (not all-inclusive) the process is the same. I will do my best to get you the best value for your vacation. 

Testimonials I've Received

We were grateful we used Anthony from Lombardo Travels. We had a trip booked to Turks and Caicos with our two little children. While we were checking in at the airport my husband realizes his passport expired. We panicked. Thankfully we were able to call Anthony right away and he did some research and we were able to get a passport and rebook everything within a few days. Had we used Travelocity or any of these other online companies tbe response would have taken so much longer. Anthony made a very stressful situation very manageable. I highly recommend him.

Destination Expert:

  • Dominican Republic
  • Aruba
  • Bahamas
  • Jamaica
  • Turks and Caicos Islands

Travel Specialist:

  • All Inclusive
  • Family Vacations
  • Groups
  • Adult Only
  • Escorted Tours

Top Travel Partners:

  • Funjet Vacations
  • Riu Hotels
  • Hyatt Hotels


  • Funjet Vacations Program
  • GOGO Certificate
  • United Vacation Program
  • RIU Specialist
  • Travel Impression Specialist Program

Languages I Speak:

  • English
  • Italian

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